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go from hot mess to hand lettered maven with

  • You see all these beautiful examples of hand lettering all over Instagram but have no idea where to even start. 
  • Or you’ve been hoarding Pins on that “DIY” board for ages, but never actually got around to piecing it all together. 
  • Or maybe you even splurged on that fancy lettering book and were left feeling lost + disappointed. 

Girl, not only do I get you, but I was you.  

I spent years teaching myself through blog posts, Instagram captions, YouTube videos, and even all those pricey lettering books. I practiced for hours everyday, slowly but surely experimenting with what worked, mimicking different fonts, and figuring all this lettering sh*t out.  

But what if it didn’t have to be that time consuming, expensive, or just so freaking hard? 

Because you shouldn’t have to hack together an in-depth lettering tutorial from Pinterest and YouTube. 

Because you shouldn’t have to waste money on books + classes that leave you wanting more. 

And because you definitely shouldn’t give up on hand lettering before you even start. 

Imagine a lettering course that actually gave you:

Lettering Know-How

I’m talking not just what you could do, but how you do it - the actual techniques + confidence to letter any style, on any surface, without breaking out in a cold sweat or stress induced headache. Because lettering can be a fun way to relax from stress, not cause it.

Accountability Adventure

I’m all for pinning things I’ll never look at twice (I’m looking at you, anything to do with pallets…) but how bout you and I skip that part and get straight to the point where we become lettering BFFs?! Because “fix it and forget it” is not my style, and lettering is always more fun with a tribe 

The Zone 

You know that feeling when you’re so wrapped up in something you enjoy that you don’t even realize time is passing? Yeah, that’s the Zone, and it’s where you + your lettering can be. Served best with a side of Netflix, fuzzy socks, and wine. 

Letter Love Workshop is the powerhouse you need to rock your letters like the kickass, creative babe you are. 

All in just 4 weeks.  

Join the Adventure 

The Workshop officially starts on Monday, September 25th, when an email will go flying through the Internet faster than an owl from Hogwarts with all the juicy videos + worksheets for Module 1. Part of what sets this course apart from all those books + pins + videos that don’t work, is the magic that happens when we tackle each module one at a time and rock this lettering adventure together. Want to know the full calendar? Keep on scrolling to see the full timeline! 

Hop on the Party Bus 

Lettering really is always more fun with a tribe, and there’s one waiting for you with open, ink stained arms over in the private LLW Facebook group. Part classroom, part private community, part party bus, this group is your one stop shop for asking questions, sharing your progress, cheering on your fellow Letter Lovers, and getting direct access to yours truly. 

Rock your letters 

In just 4 short weeks your hand lettering is going to look totally different. Get ready for in-depth video instruction in actionable + manageable chunks, step by step tutorials walking you through creating over 15 different fonts, and weekly practice sheets + worksheets to guide you each step of the way. 

Tired of reading all about it?

Brittany here!

If we haven't already met, I'm the coffee slugging, yoga pant wearing,lettering hands behind Glitter & Bold and the mastermind behind the new Letter Love Workshop.

I've been at this lettering thing for awhile (4 years, to be precise) and this teaching thing even longer (former English teacher 👋), and I'm so excited to finally take this workshop into the big leagues - or rather, the world wide web.

Helping kickass women express themselves with hand lettering is my jam, and I'm a firm believer that anyone (yes, even you, Ms. "I Have Bad Handwriting") can learn hand lettering with the right tips + tricks.


Doors open at 8:00 pm (EST)


Doors close promptly at 11:00 pm (EST)


Letter Love Workshop begins with Module 1

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First things first, we’re going to dive into the basics of lettering 101 with the lettering lingo you actually need to know to get by (because not even us pros always know that little thingamabob that comes off a lowercase g), the main types of letters (so you can be a total boss when Module 2 rolls around and we roll up our sleeves for some font creation), and how to gather inspiration that you’ll actually use. In other words, packing our suitcase like a new mom leaving the house for the first time so we’re Girl Scout level prepared on our lettering adventure. 


With our suitcase all packed it’s ready to hit the ground running, so Module 2 gets into the nitty gritty of how to actually form letters in a way that actually makes sense for all us who have never taken an art class in their life. Technique + confidence in hand, we’ll dive straight into detailed instructions on how to actually draw over 15 different fonts.


With our basics mastered and fonts on the brain, we’ll learn the ins and outs for putting it all together, including everything you ever wanted to know about mixing fonts and how to put all those kickass ideas onto paper. This is when you’ll pick a quote or phrase to start lettering your own design. 


Draw your own hand lettered design from scratch, learn the common mistakes and how to fix them, and get personalized feedback from yours truly before adding the ink + finalizing your new creation. In your: rock your letters.

  • You’re ready to pull up your sleeves and figure this hand lettering thing out once and for all 
  • You’ve never tried hand lettering before but want a fun creative outlet
  • You have tried hand lettering before but felt stuck, disappointed, intimidated, and/or overwhelmed 
  • You want to spice up your journal/planner/scrapbook/classroom boards/wedding invites/any space you can possible letter on 
  • You’ve been at the hand lettering game for a hot minute and know your letters can get better but have no idea where to start 
  • You’re a course collector who needs that little push of accountability + hand holding to actually get those ideas from Pinterest to paper 
  • You’ve rocked the Letter Love Challenge and want to take this relationship to the next level 


I'm crazy confident that this course will blow your mind + bring your lettering skills to the next level, and I'm happy to back that up with a risk-free money-back guarantee.

This course isn't designed to sit in your inbox. It takes you doing the work, taking advantage of the extra group and on-one-on support, and trying new things.

If for some reason you're not fully satisfied with this course, email me by October 16th and I will swiftly refund your full payment.